What do you say when you see an empty parrot cage?
POLYGON! – speaking of which, Geometric is IN!

Whether we’re talking about earrings ( —>LOVE these ones by, coffee tables or wall prints GEOMETRY is very NOW.

Want to take your geometric designs into the third dimension? Try this one! I absolutely love this “origami coffee table” by West Elm- the geometry of the base is offset against the soft curve of a rounded top which creatures a modern but warm piece- And if you have the foresight to switch the top to a marble or even timber you’ll have to high five yourself (awkward turtle a little?) for making such a clever upgrade!


How about some lovely lighting for your home?- YES this comes in the GEOMETRIC version too! here are some great examples of pendant lights that will pack a punch in any space:


FYI circles are GEOMETRIC too! And if you’re not into the hexagons then switch it up for some circular sensuousness!

 check out this AWESOME origami geometric tile with this beautiful round framed mirror- LOVE the look!

How about this circular mirror with different scale circles in the one piece- it creates interest while maintaining unity at the same time- the prefect recipe for a deliciously harmonious interior!


All I can say is that Geometry in school may have been a waste of time- but this GORGEOUS Geometry definitely is not!


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