Stuff I LOVE- Mirrored EVERYTHING!

Stuff I LOVE:


Mirrored items are all the RAGE of late and why not embrace this great trend!

From mirrored coffee tables, to mirrored panels on walls- mirrored objects create a sense of translucency and continuity in a space and they don’t have to just be the white/clear standard mirror that we’re all familiar with. For a more updated version and a slightly edgier take on the trend try smoky grey mirrors. They are sleek, oh so sexy and make everything look beautiful and sparkling – what’s not to love about that?

Have a look at this super cool mirrored rhino head (gotta love the geometry of this piece too!)


Check these great mirrored coffee tables (from one of the designers on Florentine st Tel Aviv). They have a certain 1920’s Art-Deco charm about them- if ever there was a sexy coffee table- this may be it! Just watch the finger-print-factor with these ones!


Another great application for this trend is to mirror an entire wall giving the illusion of continuation of the room – This application is particularly good for small spaces and rooms that don’t get a lot of natural light. Have a look at this very cool (and very chic) mirror illusion!Image

whats that you say? You like mirrors but your home isn’t modern? If you prefer a more traditional look go for the distressed mirror, it embodies a certain rustic-ness that compliments traditional (and modern) interiors perfectly while maintaining a contemporary edge.


However you decide to apply this oh so Fab-U-lous trend in your home, you’re sure leave onlookers with a little sparkle in their eye!


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