Dead ON – DEDON- the Outdoor Room that packs a punch!

As summer approaches (in the Northern hemisphere of the World) everyone starts to slowly move outside after months of being cooped up indoors. This is when people tend to get all philosopher-y… Being outside in nature triggers stupid questions like “If a tree falls in the woods and no one hears it, does it make a sound?” FIRSTLY: Who cares? But REALLY everyone, C’mon! Let’s focus on the important questions! What you really should be contemplating is “However shall you decorate your outdoor living room!?”


In recent years the idea of the “outdoor room” has really taken off. People are starting to see their gardens as an extension of the home, another room if you will and living in Israel we have about eight months of good outdoor living weather- we should definitely be embracing this increasingly popular trend! (Just ask Jamie Durie with his show entitled “The Outdoor Room”

First things first, if it’s a room, then it needs a RUG! That’s right- there are now waterproof outdoor rugs available and they are just as beautiful as their indoor counterparts! Have a look at this one from Eco Chic available on it’s made out of 100% recycled plastic bags so it’s beautiful to look at and friendly to the environment- #howgoodsthat!


The next thing you’ll need for your outdoor room is a lovely outdoor sofa. UHU! There are outdoor couches (some just as sexy as an indoor couches) like this killer set from DEDON -one of my fave outdoor furniture companies. This set incorporates sleek lines and beautiful weatherproof fabric that leaves you wondering if it really is meant for outdoors! Oh how we’ve progressed! This is what human evolution is all about (how’s that for a philosoph-y-yyy!?)


For those of us who don’t have the luxury of acres of space- have a squizz at this stack-able seating set! It comes in a range of delightful colours and is available in Israel from Tollmans in Herzliyah. ( very futuristic indeed!


DEDON also have many other creative outdoor seating styles to choose from, here are a few of my favorites:


The floating Swingrest, the Leaf and the seriously innovative Ying Yang- very outdoor chic!

Now you’ll need to accessorise you outdoor room, and there’s hundreds if not thousands of accessories specifically designed for outdoors, here’s my shortlist:

–>The Sky Planter- This is serious innovation-plant your herbs or anything else upside-down, hang it from the pergola or ceiling and enjoy ‘herby’ goodness while decorating your space- Ah-mazeballs!


–>Pantone Planters, they come in any colour you can imagine (pantone colours of course) and are a great way to inject vibrancy and a little designer sophistication to your outdoor room.


–> Light up the night with these seriously sexy outdoor lamps from DEDON- talk about bringing the indoors out! I love the play on scale in the first image, designed by Philippe Starck what more could we ask for!


–> Last but not least, take your outdoor room from day to night with these sleek and minimal fire pits by available at, they’ll add a warm glow to your space and are sure to be the epitome of outdoor sophistication!


However you decide to ‘deck out’ (do pardon the pun) your outdoor room be sure to treat it as an extension of your house and you’re guaranteed to get many enjoyable hours of outdoor living OUT of it.. 😉




Ninety’s Nostalgia

Not so long ago the 80’s made a comeback in fashion and design- everyone used to joke about how daft the 80’s was stylistically, with all the spandex and it’s token neon colour palette…


…nearly every era makes a comeback and the 80’s had its turn again in the early “naughties” (albeit in a toned DOWN version TG)- well guess what folks it’s the 90’s turn to make its debut comeback! And this time it looks like its back in full force! (dear lord help us!?)

But seriously CAN you believe that the start of the ninety’s was over TWENTY years ago… all you mid twenty something’s FREAKOUT! c’est chic! sorry, that is a direct late 70’s/ early 80’s throwback- back to the 90’s…or forward? Yes that’s right Forrest Gump is nearly twenty years old. Yikes!

My husband (who again was henceforth meant to be known as Jason) always teases me about how I claim everything is “so 90’s”, I usually use that description when something is a bit daggy looking “sooo nintey’s” is my way of saying passé’, but as it turns out passé seems to be back in and in fact the good folks at Internet Explorer (feel the nostalgia as you say the name) are in agreement, too bad Google Chrome is still a better browser… (please don’t sue me Explorer..) but check out the add anyway, it’s a bit of fun .

So – how do we feel about this 90’s comeback you ask? Good question- But there’s no simple answer. To demonstrate I’ve come up with a list of 90’s trends that have made a comeback, some of which are great, and some of which… aren’t so here goes (I’d love to hear what you think too!)

-The Reebok pumps (reedited to high heel sneakers) and the grunge boot: Verdict- LOVE!


Pair these grungy ankle boots with a pair of leggings and a long shirt- Get height and comfort in one go plus they add a little interest to any outfit- dressing down is in again. fab!


– The backpack: Verdict- Split…


This is an interesting one, in that you can now get some great looking backpacks, but then again some of them are a little OTT in their 90’s nostalgia. Buyer be wear, if it’s too short/ sits too high on your back it can make your butt look MASSIVE and even in the 90’s big butts weren’t that fashionable…unless you ask Sir Mix-a-lot…


– Boy Bands: Verdict…LOVE (but don’t tell anyone)


OK I admit- I do secretly love one direction! As much as I adored Backstreet Boys and Five in my time the boys bands of today seem to take themselves slightly less seriously which I like, and that’s what 90’s revival is all about (true, its no Beatles but it’s a bit-a-fun)


– Graffiti imagery: Verdict- LOVE!


Check out this graffiti wall print from Dolla furniture store in Tel Aviv (taken a few weeks ago)- Uber cool! And what about this graffiti cushion? Totally 90’s nostalgia!


-Over-stuffed sofas


JUST JOKING!!! This is one trend from the 90’s that has NOT come back and for good reason-let’s hope it NEVER does (how do you say “death by sofa” in Italian?) iiiiiiiikkkKK!!


-The denim shirt: Verdict: LOVE LOVE LOVE!


Dress it up or down, or up this style plucked directly from 1990 is just too cool for school- we seriously, SERIOUSLY like this trend! Its just Da-Bomb! 😉

All in all, most of the comeback 90’s trends are great, just watch out that you don’t overdo it and end up looking you literally walked out of the year 1995 from head to toe, be sure to add a modern twist to your outfit or interior and your 90’s nostalgia is sure to impress!

ImagePEACE OUT 😉 xx

No Yak Penis for me.

Life can get pretty hectic, between work, socialising, cleaning the house (arghhh) and everything else in between BUT it shouldn’t get too busy for you to be enjoying delicious fresh healthy food every day, because let’s face it- life is too short to be eating S#^t!



Perhaps we should leave the yak penis to the Chinese… I personally prefer (as Donna Hay- a renowned Aussie cook) likes to put it “fresh, fast and simple” cooking.

Over the past few years of experimenting with food and flavours and trying to find the way to my husband’s heart (who was henceforth meant to be known as Jason), I’ve come up with a few winners that are not only delicious but really quick and easy (under 20 minutes). Although Jason doesn’t eat anything that has hot tomato in it, or resembles hot tomato (which is so annoying because it’s one of the quickest easiest things to cook) he will eat it when its disguised with other flavours (go figure) – So here are a few tomato and non-tomato recipes to delight you taste buds!

I really like PASTA- I think its soul food, ok it may inflate the soul in your butt as well if you over-indulge but here it is anyway- enjoy!

Boil some thin flat pasta (use spelt pasta for a slightly healthier variation) Cut a handful of cherry tomatoes in half- add a splash of olive oil, salt, pepper chilli, garlic and pine nuts, toss in a pan for a few minutes until warmed through, drain the pasta and add to the pan- toss together add some baby spinach leaves, grate some parmesan over it and bob’s your uncle! (as the Aussies say). There you have it A delish, healthy, fresh dinner or lunch in less than 10 minutes! (if you are cooking for Jason, leave out the tomatoes) 😉

You can also leave the spinach out and add basil pesto for a little more zing (I make my own and then freeze it in small cubes ready to use) 



Another great quick pasta dish is with peas, feta cheese, olive oil, chili and cherry tomatoes on pene same method, just add the feta at the end.(I sometimes add the ‘dorot’ herb cubes for a little more flavour.)This dish tastes great cold or then next day- take it to work as a ‘salad’ mmmm!





I also have a few really quick and easy Asian recipes to get you going- but fear not! You don’t need a massive hot wok to cook them (like you might for fried yak penis?) a simple fry pan will do just fine.

  1. Boil some Basmati rice for 13 mins in a simmering pot (I like the Basmati bc it’s a long grain fragrant rice)
  2. Cut up some chilli, garlic and ginger (again you can use the frozen dorot cubes-very handy) and spring onion
  3. Once the rice is ready drain it and add it to a hot fry pan, toss it around a little with some soy sauce, mirin and the garlic, chili and ginger.
  4. Make a space on the side of the pan and pour in one whisked egg to cook a little. (you can wait until it turns into an omlet or mix it around the rice depending on if u like it a little mushy-er or more cooked)
  5. Add more soy and mirin to taste, take it out and add the spring onion.

 Serve with some sesame seeds on top and VOILA! (how do you say that in Chinese!?)  You can also add cashews, tofu and/or chicken pieces for a more robust meal. YUM!



Another good one is for that left over chicken soup on Sunday night. I hope my Mother doesn’t think this is blasphemous- her chicken soup really is the best but this recipe is for my left over chicken soup, not hers- so here we go.

 Put just the clear Chicken Soup (capitol letters for respect!) into a pot. Add half to ¾ a tin coconut milk, and some chili to taste. Marinate shitake mushrooms in mirin and soy for as long as you have (up to 4 hours is good but 15 minutes will do the trick) and fry them. Add boiled egg noodles, coriander, bean shoots and carrot for crunch (not the cooked one form the soup-fresh carrot).  You can take the chicken from the soup and add it back in too. Serve with a squeeze of lemon or lime- yum yum yum a rich Laksa soup with all the trimmings!



Stay tuned for more D’lish recipes…

Happy eating! xx


Be BOLD or Italic but never regular.

BOLD gRaPhiC prints!

Fashion and Interiors go hand-in-hand and bold graphic prints are no exception to the rule! (Bee Tee Double-U Coco Republic, a delicious high end furniture store in Melbourne happen to agree)


First we saw bold graphic prints on the runways in fashion shows- From Vera Wang to Versaci, Josh Goot to Kenzo and then they started creeping into the wide world of Interiors.ImageImageImageImageImage

For a really STATEMENT look in your interior go for this Cole & Son palm tree wall paper- it creates the WOW factor in the room BUT wallpaper-ers be ware- this for the BOLD and the BRAVE.


If the idea of bold wallpaper scares you, and you’re more of a ‘beige- it- safe’ kind, then go for the more subtle approach- A throw cushion (or two or three, or ten…you get the idea) and/or an area rug are two great ways to inject colour and graphics into a space without having to commit to anything permanent- this way you can always change them if and when you get sick of them (just a word of advice don’t tell that to the husband when you make the purchase- have every intention of keeping them long term!)

Here are some great rugs and cushions which can help you achieve you Bold Graphic look and they need not be expensive either.  These ones are from the Zara Home and but most home wears stores stock them. ‘Fashion’ for the people IS the name of the game!




Marble is back in, and in a BIG way, from shop fits outs, to commercial spaces and residential interiors- but do we like it? (pause, contemplate…) Hells to the YES we do! Marble is totally marbellous!

Convincing my Husband (Let him be known henceforth as Jason) of this was a little more difficult than a two liner. We are currently in the middle of renovating our first apartment together. It’s been an interesting process, mainly positive thank the LORDDDD! As an Interior Designer, I have a rather acute sense of what I like and dislike, and marble is definitely on the top of my ‘like list’ at the moment. Convincing Jason that marble is in fact marbellous however, was a rather tedious process.

Men (well mainly Jason) are funny creatures in that they don’t know what they like until, well they realise that they in fact like it. Although Jason was adamant that we would not be using marble in our kitchen, being the fabulous advocate that I am (perhaps I should be working in Law instead of Design, although it would definitely have to be some fabulous law office with marble interiors) I did eventually get him to come around to the marble idea- BOOYA!

Take ANY mundane interior- whether it be a kitchen or a living room- add some marble to the counter or create a custom coffee table and BOOM- you have instant glamour. Marble makes any space look expensive (mainly because it IS, so be prepared to splash out a little) but also because each piece is totally one off- it’s like a fingerprint in that no two pieces are the same and that’s is uber cool!

Check out these impact-y interiors which utilize marble….

The best part of using marble in any interior is getting to go to the marble yard to choose your exact piece that will be unique to your space! Here’s a happy snap of the gorgeous Calcutta marble that Jason and I chose for our kitchen splashback at the marble yard in Petach Tikva (which loosely translates to the start of hope-the start of hope that my husband actually enjoys marble shopping!) Take note that he actually looks like he’s relishing in the marble experience in this pic, but more importantly at how stunning the veins of the marble are!


Calcutta marble is a beautiful specimen with grey and subtle light brown veins is complements most cabinetry well but there are many other types of marble and colours available such as Carrara, which can sometimes be confusing to distinguish one from another. Here is a good web page that explains the difference between the two

Whichever type of marble you decide to go for, rest assured that your interior will remain timeless and stylish for many years to come! How totally MARBELLOUS!