Be BOLD or Italic but never regular.

BOLD gRaPhiC prints!

Fashion and Interiors go hand-in-hand and bold graphic prints are no exception to the rule! (Bee Tee Double-U Coco Republic, a delicious high end furniture store in Melbourne happen to agree)


First we saw bold graphic prints on the runways in fashion shows- From Vera Wang to Versaci, Josh Goot to Kenzo and then they started creeping into the wide world of Interiors.ImageImageImageImageImage

For a really STATEMENT look in your interior go for this Cole & Son palm tree wall paper- it creates the WOW factor in the room BUT wallpaper-ers be ware- this for the BOLD and the BRAVE.


If the idea of bold wallpaper scares you, and you’re more of a ‘beige- it- safe’ kind, then go for the more subtle approach- A throw cushion (or two or three, or ten…you get the idea) and/or an area rug are two great ways to inject colour and graphics into a space without having to commit to anything permanent- this way you can always change them if and when you get sick of them (just a word of advice don’t tell that to the husband when you make the purchase- have every intention of keeping them long term!)

Here are some great rugs and cushions which can help you achieve you Bold Graphic look and they need not be expensive either.  These ones are from the Zara Home and but most home wears stores stock them. ‘Fashion’ for the people IS the name of the game!



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