Ninety’s Nostalgia

Not so long ago the 80’s made a comeback in fashion and design- everyone used to joke about how daft the 80’s was stylistically, with all the spandex and it’s token neon colour palette…


…nearly every era makes a comeback and the 80’s had its turn again in the early “naughties” (albeit in a toned DOWN version TG)- well guess what folks it’s the 90’s turn to make its debut comeback! And this time it looks like its back in full force! (dear lord help us!?)

But seriously CAN you believe that the start of the ninety’s was over TWENTY years ago… all you mid twenty something’s FREAKOUT! c’est chic! sorry, that is a direct late 70’s/ early 80’s throwback- back to the 90’s…or forward? Yes that’s right Forrest Gump is nearly twenty years old. Yikes!

My husband (who again was henceforth meant to be known as Jason) always teases me about how I claim everything is “so 90’s”, I usually use that description when something is a bit daggy looking “sooo nintey’s” is my way of saying passé’, but as it turns out passé seems to be back in and in fact the good folks at Internet Explorer (feel the nostalgia as you say the name) are in agreement, too bad Google Chrome is still a better browser… (please don’t sue me Explorer..) but check out the add anyway, it’s a bit of fun .

So – how do we feel about this 90’s comeback you ask? Good question- But there’s no simple answer. To demonstrate I’ve come up with a list of 90’s trends that have made a comeback, some of which are great, and some of which… aren’t so here goes (I’d love to hear what you think too!)

-The Reebok pumps (reedited to high heel sneakers) and the grunge boot: Verdict- LOVE!


Pair these grungy ankle boots with a pair of leggings and a long shirt- Get height and comfort in one go plus they add a little interest to any outfit- dressing down is in again. fab!


– The backpack: Verdict- Split…


This is an interesting one, in that you can now get some great looking backpacks, but then again some of them are a little OTT in their 90’s nostalgia. Buyer be wear, if it’s too short/ sits too high on your back it can make your butt look MASSIVE and even in the 90’s big butts weren’t that fashionable…unless you ask Sir Mix-a-lot…


– Boy Bands: Verdict…LOVE (but don’t tell anyone)


OK I admit- I do secretly love one direction! As much as I adored Backstreet Boys and Five in my time the boys bands of today seem to take themselves slightly less seriously which I like, and that’s what 90’s revival is all about (true, its no Beatles but it’s a bit-a-fun)


– Graffiti imagery: Verdict- LOVE!


Check out this graffiti wall print from Dolla furniture store in Tel Aviv (taken a few weeks ago)- Uber cool! And what about this graffiti cushion? Totally 90’s nostalgia!


-Over-stuffed sofas


JUST JOKING!!! This is one trend from the 90’s that has NOT come back and for good reason-let’s hope it NEVER does (how do you say “death by sofa” in Italian?) iiiiiiiikkkKK!!


-The denim shirt: Verdict: LOVE LOVE LOVE!


Dress it up or down, or up this style plucked directly from 1990 is just too cool for school- we seriously, SERIOUSLY like this trend! Its just Da-Bomb! 😉

All in all, most of the comeback 90’s trends are great, just watch out that you don’t overdo it and end up looking you literally walked out of the year 1995 from head to toe, be sure to add a modern twist to your outfit or interior and your 90’s nostalgia is sure to impress!

ImagePEACE OUT 😉 xx


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