Dead ON – DEDON- the Outdoor Room that packs a punch!

As summer approaches (in the Northern hemisphere of the World) everyone starts to slowly move outside after months of being cooped up indoors. This is when people tend to get all philosopher-y… Being outside in nature triggers stupid questions like “If a tree falls in the woods and no one hears it, does it make a sound?” FIRSTLY: Who cares? But REALLY everyone, C’mon! Let’s focus on the important questions! What you really should be contemplating is “However shall you decorate your outdoor living room!?”


In recent years the idea of the “outdoor room” has really taken off. People are starting to see their gardens as an extension of the home, another room if you will and living in Israel we have about eight months of good outdoor living weather- we should definitely be embracing this increasingly popular trend! (Just ask Jamie Durie with his show entitled “The Outdoor Room”

First things first, if it’s a room, then it needs a RUG! That’s right- there are now waterproof outdoor rugs available and they are just as beautiful as their indoor counterparts! Have a look at this one from Eco Chic available on it’s made out of 100% recycled plastic bags so it’s beautiful to look at and friendly to the environment- #howgoodsthat!


The next thing you’ll need for your outdoor room is a lovely outdoor sofa. UHU! There are outdoor couches (some just as sexy as an indoor couches) like this killer set from DEDON -one of my fave outdoor furniture companies. This set incorporates sleek lines and beautiful weatherproof fabric that leaves you wondering if it really is meant for outdoors! Oh how we’ve progressed! This is what human evolution is all about (how’s that for a philosoph-y-yyy!?)


For those of us who don’t have the luxury of acres of space- have a squizz at this stack-able seating set! It comes in a range of delightful colours and is available in Israel from Tollmans in Herzliyah. ( very futuristic indeed!


DEDON also have many other creative outdoor seating styles to choose from, here are a few of my favorites:


The floating Swingrest, the Leaf and the seriously innovative Ying Yang- very outdoor chic!

Now you’ll need to accessorise you outdoor room, and there’s hundreds if not thousands of accessories specifically designed for outdoors, here’s my shortlist:

–>The Sky Planter- This is serious innovation-plant your herbs or anything else upside-down, hang it from the pergola or ceiling and enjoy ‘herby’ goodness while decorating your space- Ah-mazeballs!


–>Pantone Planters, they come in any colour you can imagine (pantone colours of course) and are a great way to inject vibrancy and a little designer sophistication to your outdoor room.


–> Light up the night with these seriously sexy outdoor lamps from DEDON- talk about bringing the indoors out! I love the play on scale in the first image, designed by Philippe Starck what more could we ask for!


–> Last but not least, take your outdoor room from day to night with these sleek and minimal fire pits by available at, they’ll add a warm glow to your space and are sure to be the epitome of outdoor sophistication!


However you decide to ‘deck out’ (do pardon the pun) your outdoor room be sure to treat it as an extension of your house and you’re guaranteed to get many enjoyable hours of outdoor living OUT of it.. 😉




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