Live and let DYE..

I LOVE tie-dye!

Most of us at some point in our lives have owned a tie-dyed Tee or two. Tie-dye was big in the 70’s 80’s and 90’s and took a short break in the naughties but guess what!?

ITS BACK with a vengeance although this time it’s just a little less hippie-rock n’ roll -grunge and a little more elegant-sophistiqué (that’s sophisticated in French) Speaking of which; Q: How does a Frenchman commit suicide? A: He shoots 15 cm above his head- straight into his superiority complex (sorry Eliana my little French friend, appologise vraiment, mais vous comprenez son au nom de la conception et de l’humour- GOD BLESS GOOGLE TRANSLATE)

Anyway- as I was saying DYED stuff is cool and very sophisticated too!

The colour of choice for tie-dye and dip-dye seems to be deep sea blue as it provides a rather tranquil and calming effect mimicking the ocean or however you’d like to psycho-analyse it…. However there are also some interesting neon colours in use on the dip-dye/ tie-dye spectrum so I’ve put together a few of my fave’ dip-dye/ tie-dye applications for your psychedelic viewing pleasures, enjoy!

As we know wallpaper is also back in in a big way- and what better than to combine two trends in one- I absolutely love this dip-dyed cobalt blue wallpaper from The Designers Guild collection- it also comes in six other dashing shades, this is serious ‘faint on the floor WOW’ factor!



Of course fashion always comes into it and we can’t have our walls looking sexy and our buts missing out on the action- so here are my top dyed fashion picks for guys and chicks:




There’s also some fantastic dip-dyed and tie-dyed furniture and accessories out there to satisfy your purchasing pleasures:




So remember, as one very clever hippie once put it;

Live and let DYE..

Peace out dudes. xx


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