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Lots of exciting things are happening these days in design, and as it turns out lots of exciting things are happening in the life of this Passionista! That is, I recently got the opportunity to interview one of my favorite Australian Interior Designers- David Hicks (A finalist in the Belle magazine Design Awards among a long list of many other impressive credentials)! The second exciting occurrence was my awe-inspiring trip to Barcelona, Spain! Hola gloriosa terra de diseno! That’s “hello, glorious land of design” in Spanish…if the translate app on my iPhone is correct… Yes, learning Spanish is next of my list of ‘to dos’.  It’d be good to be able to communicate with the locals on future trips…


Now as it turns out, the interview with Mr Hicks took place a little while before I even knew that I was going to Barcelona but the occurrence of these two events couldn’t have been more timely coincidence…

I draw a lot of inspiration from David’s Interiors so I was interested to find out where David’s inspiration comes from. David’s inspiration is drawn from “books, music, art, fashion, colours, and places…” to “ Vintage Italian furniture”. He is also heavily influenced by some of the greats and takes his design cues from Architects and innovators such as “Tadao Ando, Richard Nuetra and Mies Van Der Rohe” – The famous Designer of the Barcelona chair for the German pavilion at the World Fair in 1929 (which took place at the end of the Art Deco Era).


Imagine my joy when I realised that not only was I going to be visiting this amazing city (Barcelona) but that I would get to visit one of the places that  was designed by one of the great Architects that David mentioned in our interview as “inspiring”! hashtag:  jumpforjoy!


Here’s me SITTING ON the Barcelona chair IN the Pavilion. Too bad I only noticed the ‘Do NOT sit” sign later, hopefully the design Gods will forgive me for that one!


What’s amazing about the Pavilion in Barcelona is (and this is typical of modernist designs throughout the 20th Century) is that it looks as if it could have been designed yesterday!

It’s crisp, clean, modern but luxurious and I personally find that David’s designs are similar to it in that respect.

You can see- by looking at David’s Interiors how he uses his inspiration from the above mentioned and translates them into his own unique style.

When asked how he would describe his design style David answered “Modern Luxury” which in essence was what the Art Deco Era was all about! This is not to say that David’s style is specifically “Art Deco”; in fact he incorporates many different design references and I believe that is the mark of a great designer. David doesn’t simply choose one era and recreate it. He seamlessly combines styles from different eras mixing, matching and contrasting colours and textures and materials.


Take this gorgeous kitchen as a beaming example, it has all the mod-cons of a 21st Century Kitchen with all the cues from the most luxurious Art Deco homes of the 20’s; the marble, the chrome and the mirrors and yet there are also a few retro references such as the black and white down lights. Further along in the lounge room you will find an Asian styled stool paired with some retro “Planter” chairs.


Not to mention the beautiful pallets that David uses, which I totally adore! He mixes whites with creams, browns with greys, adds splashes of more saturated colour and comes out with something warm and inviting yet interesting- what more could you ask for when it comes to beautiful Interiors!

David’s ability to mix eras, styles, colours and textures and still walk away with a cohesive and interestingly contrasting interior is what  really fascinates me. It’s his ability to remedy the challenge of “designing a space (and) integrating all the requirements of the clients brief” while maintaining his beautifully thought-out aesthetic that I admire.


Have a squiz at this Port Melbourne apartment, There’s a little African, some retro chairs and lighting, a dash of Art Deco influence and a hint of Louis XVI and yet the result is beautiful and cohesive and interesting. I LOVE it!


Here’s are a few more of David’s beautiful Interiors for you to gauge at… always the perfect mix of modern minimalism with references from to other styles and eras to warm it up. Nothing is out of place.


I asked David how he got into Interior Design and what he thought there was left for him to achieve (mainly because I think that all of his Interiors seriously tick the box- and If I can one day get to this of level of design, then I’m not sure what else I’ll have left to achieve!). David explained that he always wanted to do something that involved renovating houses- (I know the feeling! My earliest memory was building Lego houses with my Dad on the rug on Saturday afternoons!).


This Lego house might need a slightly larger rug…

David explained that initially he wanted to study Architecture “but when I found out about Interior Design I knew this is what I wanted to do”. Now that he’s started to master the Interior side of design he has begun to “Delve back into architecture” and his studio now offers these services. “I have come full circle” explains Hicks and he feels as far as what’s left for him to achieve is related to this side of his business.


Not only are David’s interiors a feast for the, eyes even David’s website is a work of art in its own right- check out these delightful screen-grabs from the opening credits! (They would make ever-so-lovely prints for your walls! Hmmm…). All in all this Designer is definitely one to watch out for- he’s even started his own product line of sofas rugs and accessories!


Now I know that most of my blog post have some mention of my Husband (who was henceforth meant to be known as Jason) and I can’t end off without one-  but the only real correlation that I can draw between Jason and David Hicks is that Jason happens to love the elements in our home (that I recently designed) that were inspired by David’s style just as much as I do- namely the glorious marble that I used in our kitchen (which seems to be one of David’s favorite materials to use, as you can see in many of his designs) – so thank you David Hicks, for the couples counselling just as much as the design inspiration! 😉

Peace out xx


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