Inspired Design


Lots of exciting things are happening these days in design, and as it turns out lots of exciting things are happening in the life of this Passionista! That is, I recently got the opportunity to interview one of my favorite Australian Interior Designers- David Hicks (A finalist in the Belle magazine Design Awards among a long list of many other impressive credentials)! The second exciting occurrence was my awe-inspiring trip to Barcelona, Spain! Hola gloriosa terra de diseno! That’s “hello, glorious land of design” in Spanish…if the translate app on my iPhone is correct… Yes, learning Spanish is next of my list of ‘to dos’.  It’d be good to be able to communicate with the locals on future trips…


Now as it turns out, the interview with Mr Hicks took place a little while before I even knew that I was going to Barcelona but the occurrence of these two…

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