Firewall to Greenwall

Firewall to  Greenwall Have you noticed the growing obsession with Green? Yes, emerald was the Pantone colour of the year last year, but that’s not quite the direction I’m going with this one. More and more the idea of ‘Green’ living is taking over. As far as I understand it, the term basically refers to being environmentally mindful of how and what we consume…not necessarily living in the forest as some kind of dreadlock wearing Hippie off the grid- although more power to you if you are one of those…literally… It seems that our busy bustling lives are giving way to the idea of getting back to nature and this is one trend that takes form both in food and design. Green juice is all the rage. Throw a whole bunch of green fruit and veg into a blender, blend and drink. Super healthy and actually tastes pretty good. Try it!


Consuming something GREEN is one way to be healthy in body, but how about in mind and spirit? I recently did a piece entitled ‘the outdoor room’ which was all about how to bring the indoors OUT. The idea however of surrounding ourselves with nature and bringing the outdoors IN is becoming increasingly popular in design as well.

In recent years numerous experimental studies have be done which suggest a direct link to being in a natural environment and an overall feeling of well-being. Certain studies even suggest that the mere presence of nature diminishes feelings of exhaustion, something I believe we could all attest to feeling when in a natural environment.

The idea of creating an oasis among the hustle and bustle of modern city life has always been a popular notion and now even more so in the computer obsessed, gadget controlled, Instagramming, Facebooking, Twittering, and uhhhh, blogging World that we have become accustomed to. Enveloping yourself in a green cocoon really isn’t a bad way to get away and have a break from all the technology and one of the latest ways to do this is with a system called ‘Greenwall’. I must admit I do have a particular obsession with this trend and I am just waiting for the right project to come across my desk which I can throw one of the babies into. Basically a Greenwall is just that, a wall lined with plants flowers or shrubs. The Greenwall system is essentially a pallet with rows of holes designed to nest the greenery in, with spaces for watering and drainage. Image

A Greenwall not only creates a beautiful looking piece of natural artwork but also has many other benefits like air purification and insulation amongst many, if used correctly. The idea that we can use nature in our built environments to affect our wellbeing and overall mood is a very attractive concept for me as an Interior Designer. After all, that is what we seek to do when we design a space for people to live, work, eat or shop in and the Greenwall concept has applications across all of these fields.



The most recent example of a Greenwall implementation in Israel is visible at the Isrotels’s newest resort Cramim in the Jerusalem forest. A beaut……………… To keep reading please visit



Tropical Trends

What is it about the tropics that makes everyone so happy? Perhaps the knowledge that all there is to do is sit on a beach, sip cocktails and eat pineapple? I’ll stick with that theory for a minute.

On a side note I must apologise for my lack of blogging of late but we just moved house which does tend to turn up the stress levels and in turn the time to indulge in ones passions is limited and everything takes a back seat to unpacking boxes, but hopefully we’re back on track now and I’ll be able to keep you entertained with new posts!

Now in keeping with tradition, this wouldn’t be a confessionsofapassionista blog post without mentioning my Husband (who was henceforth meant to be known as Jason). All that Jason has been talking about for the last few weeks isssss GOING ON HOLIDAY, a tropical holiday if you will. The idea of sitting on a beach sipping cocktails and eating pineapple is EXACTLY what the doctor ordered. In fact thinking back, perhaps the ‘Tropical Hawaiian luau’ party that we threw for our newly married friends last night had something to do with that – a little escapism never hurt anyone! We must thank Natan our buddy who really got INTO  the theme- by getting OUT OF his clothes. Well done to you!


So back to the tropical trip- I was thinking that perhaps Jason might need a few new summer clothing items for the tropical weather so I started with the obligatory online searches. Living in Israel (for all those people who don’t understand my satire and think otherwise) is wonderful and this country has many redeeming features but fashion is not one of them – not just yet anyway. My philosophy is that if the store has to explain that it’s a “fashion store” on its window, thennnn it’s generally not. Yep, harsh but true, and there are many “Fashion stores” in Israel and so we turn to the good old internet for some apparel assistance.

While I was on my search I came across a t-shirt:


It was this one- $49.95 AUD from AND it has a pineapple on it. “Funny” I thought to myself, I keep seeing this little pineapple motif popping up all over the place- on fabric on furniture, in home decor and in fashion on clothing.

What exactly is the gravitational pull of a pineapple you might ask? Why not the cherry, or some mangoes or even an avocado (which as far as I understand actually means “testicles” in Latin – here’s why if you’re interested: check out #4).


My theory is that as a result of recent and rather difficult economic times all over the world people are looking for a little bit of escapism, even if they can’t physically escape OR maybe it’s our generations alleged mentality of instant gratification and lack of work ethic which makes us constantly desire vacations, anyway, unimportant exactly why but I guess wearing a pineapple on your t-shirt helps indulge in those tropical escapism feelings we so desire! Who would have thought…


Admit it- your actually feeling more relaxed already just from looking at this pineapple, even just saying it pine-a-pplee– see?

So in keeping with those tropical desires here’s my short list of the best pineapple applications in both fashion and interiors to keep you dreaming of a tropical beach holiday! Enjoy!

1.You gotta love a colourful ceramic pineapple! Really what’s not to love-even the turquoise colour is great. It reminds me of a deep tropical ocean. This is a little bit of fun for the Home from at $24.95 you can’t go wrong.


2.Here are a few more delicious prints for the home for you to feast your eyes on. I really love this Any Warhol style neon print- as I’ve said before; throw cushions are a great way to follow trends as you can simply replace them when you want something a little more ‘now’.



3. For some slightly less permanent fixtures in the form of fashion rather than interiors check out these great pineapple motifs for your wearing pleasures – some are a little more cheeky than others..



4. Don’t’ forget to accessorize from head to toe with these goodies -no black i-phone covers for us thanks! I also really love these pineapple printed canvas shoes- they add a little pop to your wardrobe without being too audacious and don’t forget the top half with these delightfully sweet matt gold plated pineapple earrings- just hope that random strangers don’t attempt to nibble on your lobes when you’re donning these bad boys!


However you choose to indulge is this oh-so-yum tropical trend be sure to have fun with it, there’s no sense in wearing a pineapple with a frown now!

beach out dudes! xx



Marble is back in, and in a BIG way, from shop fits outs, to commercial spaces and residential interiors- but do we like it? (pause, contemplate…) Hells to the YES we do! Marble is totally marbellous!

Convincing my Husband (Let him be known henceforth as Jason) of this was a little more difficult than a two liner. We are currently in the middle of renovating our first apartment together. It’s been an interesting process, mainly positive thank the LORDDDD! As an Interior Designer, I have a rather acute sense of what I like and dislike, and marble is definitely on the top of my ‘like list’ at the moment. Convincing Jason that marble is in fact marbellous however, was a rather tedious process.

Men (well mainly Jason) are funny creatures in that they don’t know what they like until, well they realise that they in fact like it. Although Jason was adamant that we would not be using marble in our kitchen, being the fabulous advocate that I am (perhaps I should be working in Law instead of Design, although it would definitely have to be some fabulous law office with marble interiors) I did eventually get him to come around to the marble idea- BOOYA!

Take ANY mundane interior- whether it be a kitchen or a living room- add some marble to the counter or create a custom coffee table and BOOM- you have instant glamour. Marble makes any space look expensive (mainly because it IS, so be prepared to splash out a little) but also because each piece is totally one off- it’s like a fingerprint in that no two pieces are the same and that’s is uber cool!

Check out these impact-y interiors which utilize marble….

The best part of using marble in any interior is getting to go to the marble yard to choose your exact piece that will be unique to your space! Here’s a happy snap of the gorgeous Calcutta marble that Jason and I chose for our kitchen splashback at the marble yard in Petach Tikva (which loosely translates to the start of hope-the start of hope that my husband actually enjoys marble shopping!) Take note that he actually looks like he’s relishing in the marble experience in this pic, but more importantly at how stunning the veins of the marble are!


Calcutta marble is a beautiful specimen with grey and subtle light brown veins is complements most cabinetry well but there are many other types of marble and colours available such as Carrara, which can sometimes be confusing to distinguish one from another. Here is a good web page that explains the difference between the two

Whichever type of marble you decide to go for, rest assured that your interior will remain timeless and stylish for many years to come! How totally MARBELLOUS!