Firewall to Greenwall

Firewall to  Greenwall Have you noticed the growing obsession with Green? Yes, emerald was the Pantone colour of the year last year, but that’s not quite the direction I’m going with this one. More and more the idea of ‘Green’ living is taking over. As far as I understand it, the term basically refers to being environmentally mindful of how and what we consume…not necessarily living in the forest as some kind of dreadlock wearing Hippie off the grid- although more power to you if you are one of those…literally… It seems that our busy bustling lives are giving way to the idea of getting back to nature and this is one trend that takes form both in food and design. Green juice is all the rage. Throw a whole bunch of green fruit and veg into a blender, blend and drink. Super healthy and actually tastes pretty good. Try it!


Consuming something GREEN is one way to be healthy in body, but how about in mind and spirit? I recently did a piece entitled ‘the outdoor room’ which was all about how to bring the indoors OUT. The idea however of surrounding ourselves with nature and bringing the outdoors IN is becoming increasingly popular in design as well.

In recent years numerous experimental studies have be done which suggest a direct link to being in a natural environment and an overall feeling of well-being. Certain studies even suggest that the mere presence of nature diminishes feelings of exhaustion, something I believe we could all attest to feeling when in a natural environment.

The idea of creating an oasis among the hustle and bustle of modern city life has always been a popular notion and now even more so in the computer obsessed, gadget controlled, Instagramming, Facebooking, Twittering, and uhhhh, blogging World that we have become accustomed to. Enveloping yourself in a green cocoon really isn’t a bad way to get away and have a break from all the technology and one of the latest ways to do this is with a system called ‘Greenwall’. I must admit I do have a particular obsession with this trend and I am just waiting for the right project to come across my desk which I can throw one of the babies into. Basically a Greenwall is just that, a wall lined with plants flowers or shrubs. The Greenwall system is essentially a pallet with rows of holes designed to nest the greenery in, with spaces for watering and drainage. Image

A Greenwall not only creates a beautiful looking piece of natural artwork but also has many other benefits like air purification and insulation amongst many, if used correctly. The idea that we can use nature in our built environments to affect our wellbeing and overall mood is a very attractive concept for me as an Interior Designer. After all, that is what we seek to do when we design a space for people to live, work, eat or shop in and the Greenwall concept has applications across all of these fields.



The most recent example of a Greenwall implementation in Israel is visible at the Isrotels’s newest resort Cramim in the Jerusalem forest. A beaut……………… To keep reading please visit



It Don’t Matter If You’re Black or White (or both..)

It Don’t Matter If You’re Black or White (or both..)

Michael Jackon’s prophetic words in his 1991 song “Black or White” talk about a girl and her skin colour “it don’t matter if you’re black or white”. The thing thatI find amusing about the song is that Michael Jackon (‘allavah shalom’) was in fact black and white at one point or another in his life, quite literally (shame you gotta feel for the guy!).


Now although Jackson died nearly 5 years ago The King of Pop has not yet and will probably never go out of fashion as a pop icon and It seems that of late he is rather in fashion, a kind of posthumous  prophetic fashion, when it comes to couture and design this season…

That’s right folks black AND white is in and I just can’t stop lovin…it!

Yes boys and girls that’s a line from an M.J. song- I’m sorry to have to spell it out- fans unite!

Now often times trends tend to take place simultaneously with other trends and the black and white trend seems to be coinciding with the animal print trend that we keep seeing over and over again for the past few seasons- in particular leopard and ZEBRA print which I am somewhat obsessed with at present.

Zebra pint is the most classic example of black and white in nature and its come creeping back into fashion of late both in clothing, art and home-wears.

Check out my i-phone cover which I’m loving atm: OK yes- it’s true I’m also in this pic- and yep it is a ‘selfie’ which I must admit I very rarely indulge in, probably bc like in this one, the mirror needs a bit of a clean! (but that’s for my next blog post…).


Its funny actually, that these two trends (animal print and black and white) should coincide this season- especially in Israel , where two unsuspecting groups who have been wearing these trends for donkey’s years,  are actually suddenly in fashion… YES ok, some of you might call me borderline prejudicial for even saying this but here it is:

1. The “Frechot” plural of “Frecha” meaning a lower class woman of Sephardic descent who dresses provocatively but arguably without taste.

My favorite example is the “Frecha” over the age of 50 who believes its OK to wear thigh-hugging spandex, stud-encrusted shirts and too much animal print! That’s right people, “Frechot” have been wearing animal print sine nineteen-seventy something. Turns out that if you wear a trend long enough it will eventually come back into fashion! Mutton dressed as lamb, or maybe mutton dressed as ZEBRA!? OI G’valt!


2. The second unsuspecting group of Fashionistas are the “Charedim”, meaning ultra orthodox Jews, many of whom reside in Jerusalem.

These guys have some affinity to black and white stripes. mainly- from what I understand, because it’s meant to be more modest and less fashion-forward way of dressing…oops! Now Alanis, isn’t THIS ironic..

Despite the fact that Black and white is ‘trendy’ it is also a very classic example that you can find over and over again throughout history. As a quick example, black and white checkerboard floors can be found in many of the paintings from 15th C Europe.. (YES- i took Art History at Uni, and NO I don’t remember much of it- TG for ‘google search’..)

And in fashion too throughout the ages black and white keeps creeping up… Check out Twiggy in this editorial pic from the 60’s in her black and white striped ensemble, too cute!


Today you can find this trend in many places as it translates through from wearable items to floor coverings…Here are my top black and white picks for this season and a few little animal print pops to get you going!

1. Sports jumpers and tops in black and white.
These ones are from ZARA woman and Seed Heritage- they cost around $50- easy to wear and bang on trend!


2. Black and white home-wears. This rug is IKEA and when it comes to black and white-even from IKEA you cant really go wrong!


Or how about a little bit more refined sophistication with these amazeballs cushions from


3. Even the boys can get in on the action! These T-shirt are H & M for men. Chuck it on with a pair of black shorts- or even a pastel colour for a little interest and walk out the door!


4. Check out this Outfit from it mixes black and white with animal print perfectly! Spots luxe is the name of the game. Image

Cumfy and good lookin’- what more could we ask for!

Whether you choose animal print, black and white or both be sure to do it with confidence!

And when all else fails and you end up feeling like a jail bird, remember they wear orange in jail, not black and white stooopid!

Happy Monochrome trending boys and girls!
Peace out xx